Car maintenance, Vericle inspection, Paint, Car-insurances, Car-lease for students

Enjoy Car Life

Credible maintenance
for your smile.

Enjoy Car Life  Credible maintenance for your smile.

For all workers.

"Cars" indispensable in all worker's life. We support all workers with credible maintenance.
and offering **** devices of preventing accidents.
We are the professional of protecting the all worker's smile.

For all family.

Cars are nessesary in Akita to live. When we service, the customer and the family are always in our mind.
For work, shopping, trip, we consider the all situation. We won't miss the any tiny parts.
We are the car-professional of protecting the all family's smile.

For all children and students.

Can we supports of children and students' future?
The answer is a rent service of mini-van. This servise is very helpful for club activities trip.
Also, we offer a car-lease, for sutudents which was proposal by AIU (Akita International University) student.
The miniban rent-ferm is form one month, This is for foreign students stadying short-term in Akita, so that they can use a car short-term.