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Our Service for your marvelous car life.

BusinessGuide Our Service for your marvelous car life.

Maintenance & Vehicle Inspection

What's the differences of vehicle inspection between the private garages and the dealer?

The vehicle inspection of private garages is more reasonable than the vehicle inspection of dealer. Of course, the guality is very high. To add, the dealer has less long career mechanics than the private garages becouse of personal changes and the relocation.
Our company has long carer mechanics over 10 years. Also we put effort into young training.

Vehicle Sales

Offering the best car for your life style.

We interview your reguests and life styles carefully so that you can choose the best car from many makers. We have a long career as a private garages, we have so many knowledges and experiences of many kinds of vehicle inspections.

Point and body work

Don't worry about any acratches and dents.

We love cars. We love carefull car repairing. Any time you need your car repaired, please contact us. We estimate the price clarity right than.


For your best insurance

We can offer the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurances for your car. We have many plans for reguests and your life style.

Low-priced Bus rental

Supprting the neighbarhood children

You can use the low-priced bus rental for club activities and so on.

Collision Avoidance System "Moble Eye"

Offering Rear-end collision prevention device. By sounds.

For preventing rear and collision, we recommend the collision avoidance system "Moble Eye".
We consider that the car accidents may get fewer by the alarm sounds in case of danger.